Published on 08/14/2018 8:03 am
How to Add Phone Number to Apple ID on Mac

Are you looking for the methods to add a phone number on Apple messages? If your response is positive then you can refer this blog for the simplest solution. The ‘iMessage’ or Apple’s messages app is a boon for the IOS users where they can receive messages across various devices. But if you want to receive the messages you will first have to add a phone number to the messages app on each device. This can be done via accessing the settings on the each of the Apple device. If you don’t know how to add a phone number then you can reach out to Apple Customer Support Number where the technical executives will guide you with appropriate steps to do the required addition.

Solution: Adding a Phone number on Apple Messages

Method 1: IOS

Step 1: Open the settings app that is in grey color

Step 2: Tap messages, then select Send & receive. If you are logged in then its fine or you will need to enter the Apple ID

Step 3: Select on Add another email

Step 4: Enter your phone number. Once done, your phone number will appear automatically after sign in.

Method 2: Mac OS

Step 1: Open the messages application

Step 2: Click on Messages located in the upper left corner of the menu bar

Step 3: Click on preferences, then select accounts

Step 4: Select on your Apple ID, Enter your Apple ID and password if you are not logged in

Step 5: Click on Add email

Step 6: Enter your phone number

Step 7: Make sure that the checkbox next to your phone number is activated so that you will be able to receive text messages on your Mac.

Not just adding up a phone number, but you can remove it as per your choice whenever you want. Moreover, you can turn on or off for Mac or iPad or iPod touch too. In case, if you followed the steps and the number does not get added up then you can get in touch with the Apple 800 Toll Free Support to receive the guidance from the technical representatives.

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