Published on 06/26/2018 11:19 am
Belkin Router Support For Router Not Connect To PC Laptop

Belkin router often shows connectivity problem and if you are having the same trouble, then you need to fix it before you become frustrated. Behind Belkin router problem there may be several issues including out of dated firmware or diver etc. To resolve the connectivity problem of your router users need to get in touch with Belkin Customer Support. The experts of customer care service are always available to rectify connectivity problem. On the blog, you will get some troubleshooting steps to resolve the connectivity error if you have windows or Android operating system.

The Solution for Connectivity Problem of Belkin Router:

Windows 10 & other versions:-

  • Open the computer & click on windows logo.
  • Go to the control panel, then click on Network & sharing center.
  • Click on the internet connectivity which one you want for connection.
  • Now click on properties by selecting Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
  • Tap on the radio button located on the next of the DNS server address.
  • Follow the on-screen prompt and click on OK.
  • Now close the Control Panel, finally, your computer gets configure with DNS server address. 


  • If you are an Android user then open the settings of device or smartphone.
  • Choose the “Wi-Fi.”
  • Press to your current network and then choose the “Modify network.”
  • You will get an option “Show advanced options.” Mark on its box.
  • Now change the “IP settings” to “Static.”
  • Finally, you need to add the DNS servers to the “DNS 1,” & “DNS 2” fields.
  • Click on save button & disconnect the network.
  • Restart your router and make sure you are now capable to connect the Belkin router with your Android device.

Now check if you have connected with Belkin router without any trouble. If not then reach out to Belkin router customer support. The technical team of Belkin routers is 24 hours available for providing service of customer care. Through Belkin Router Support Number you can easily reach to experts of customer support anytime and find the solution related to Belkin router. 

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